Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quiltmaker's 100 Block Issue & Free Giveaway!

Click on Sephora Block to see 4 together to make a quilt

Quiltmaker Block # 345

Today begins the Quiltmaker's 100 Block Blog Tour, November 7 - 11. There will be free copies of Volume 4 and other goodies given away when you follow the blog tour and participate at each stop. Click on the purple button (above left) to continue the tour.  These issues provide an endless source for inspiration whatever quilt design you'd like to make. I keep my issues handy in my studio making inspiration a page turn away!

What did I think when asked to design a block for Quiltmaker's 100 Block Issues Volumes 2, 3 & now 4? Of course I would and was honored to say the least!  I love the design process and ideas are always popping into my head. Better get them down I think and then I wonder when I=ll ever have enough time to make them all. Believing that all good things take time, I personally love the involved details of an intricate quilt. I’m in heaven when working on a labor intensive quilt design; but there=s also a need to provide designs for the quilter with limited time. Being a hand work and needle turn devotee, I don=t travel down the Afusing@ road often, but I decided that would be the path I would take for this latest block. Being fascinated with pottery and it=s many shapes, colors and textures, I drew the Sephora Block. I was so inspired that I drew several other vases, but I only needed one block so better get started on it! I set out to fuse and found there was no fear of failure, no frightening fiascos, no funky faux pas, no fusing folly, just fantastic fabulous fanciful fusing freedom! What just happened to me?.....It was so easy – I simply cut out the vase and it’s decorative elements, positioned, fused them in place and then stitch around all - voila` a beautiful and easy block. This block can be used as a pillow or combined with other Sephora Blocks for a beautiful quilt.

I was inspired to use a black and white base palette which would allow me to float in any color I wanted. The fabrics that inspired me are the upper left pictured below. In this block, some elements can be left out to vary the design, or leave them all out and let the fabric do the work. Many fabrics, especially batiks,  look like glazed pottery. Blue and white fabric can mimic blue willow or delft pottery. Look at the blue fabric below, doesn’t it look like glazed pottery? The crackle finish fabric by Paula Nadelstern would give the look of an ancient vase. Look at the gold hombre fabric that blends beautifully from light to dark, which would be perfect for Majolica vases line the ones pictured below. Look at the background colors….gold, blue, red…what inspiration. Combine those rich colors with complementary colors and you'll portray the look of  pottery from Tuscany!

Most importantly my advice is to play, imagine, create....remember, you=re the potter!   

**FREE GIVEAWAY** – 3 copies of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks issue, Volume 4 will be given away. Winners will be randomly chosen to keep things fair! Send an email to with “Sephora Block” in the subject line for a chance to win. You’ll receive an email from me this week, if chosen.  Also, send an email with the word "Reflections" in the subject line and I'll be choosing a winner for that pattern also. Visit my web site,  for a picture of reflections listed on the "Patterns" page.  Good Luck! 
I'll be announcing the winners Friday, November 11.
The winners have been chosen!
 Magazine copies to: Teresa Raleigh, Karyn Ashley-Smith & Debbie St. Germain.
The winner of the Reflections pattern is Rita Goshorn.
Thank you all for participating in Quiltmaker's 100 Block Blog Tour!

my inspiration - Jinny Beyer and Paula Nadelstern fabrics!
Blue Batik

Paula Nadelstern's crackle fabric

Majolica vases